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Hans de Goede 11-11-2009 12:29 PM

anaconda bug triaging manual
Hi all,

I already send some of you this by private mail, but this is the 2nd draft
with some small improvements

For those completely new to triaging, here is a quick guide, I hope
Chris can improve it a bit (and correct me where it is just plain wrong).

The basic task is simple, go to the below url, and make the list shorter :) edora&product=Fedora&component=anaconda&bug_status =NEW&bug_status=ASSIGNED&bug_status=ON_DEV&bug_sta tus=FAILS_QA&emailassigned_to1=1&emailtype1=exact&

You can do this in 3 ways:

1) Close the bug if the user is just using anaconda the wrong way,
or asking for a new feature we have no plans whatsoever the ever implement.
2) Ask for more info if the exact cause of the problem is not clear, in
this case always set the need info checkbox, so that the bug no longer
appears in the above list.

In both cases 1 and 2 always clearly explain why you are closing the bug /
what info you need and how the user can get this for you. And always,
*always* stay polite and friendly.

3) If the bug seems a valid bug, assign it to an anaconda team member,
below is a rough guide of which bugs to assign to whom
(from the top of my head, please correct me when wrong):

When re-assigning a bug please remove
from the CC.

area: assignee:
booty: rvykydal
dmcrypt: dlehman
driver disk: msivak
efi: pjones
fcoe: hansg
image composing: mgracik
iscsi: hansg
lvm not enough extends: rvykydal
multi path: pjones
networking: dcantrell
package install: clumens
partitioning: dlehman
ppc: clumens
raid: hansg
repo selection: rvykydal
stage1: msivak
s390: dcantrell



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