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"Thomas Prost" 12-15-2011 01:33 PM

AW: Call for contributors
Hello alltogether,
is there anything to do for a German documentation writer ?

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[]Im Auftrag von Sebastien
Gesendet: Donnerstag, 15. Dezember 2011 12:33
Betreff: Call for contributors

Hi everybody,

While the desktop team usually do a great job at maintaining the desktop
set we know that things are not perfect and that we could do a lot
better with some extra hands, so if you feel like joining us to work on
something you are interested in or feels like could be in a better shape
please do ;-)

We do welcome everybody to join and participate: package maintainers,
hackers (on softwares or tools), documentation writers, bug triagers,
tester, etc.

Some examples of packages that could use some work:
- the default set, some applications, bindings, etc are less well
maintained than others
- the GNOME fallback desktop
- the GNOME session, it would be really cool if a team stepped up to
maintain a derivative iso with gnome-shell by default

or lot of things which don't really have a maintainer in Ubuntu
- the gimp stack (do we want to update babl and gegl for the lts?
launchpad has requests for that since new version seem required to build
new gimp series)
- the gda stack (glom as well)
- vala (the vala-team seems to be looking for somebody to maintain
unstable serie versions and backports in their ppa)
- libproxy
- lot of popular softwares: tomboy, pitivi, <software you use and would
be interested to work on>

Usually what is needed for packaging is: updating to current version,
merging on Debian once a cycle or so, fixing bugs if you can.

Non packaging contributions are also welcome:
- bug triage
- testing
- improve the documentation (wiki)
- improve the tools the team is using for i.e track updates
- <whatever else you think needs to be done>

So feel free to join the team or ask questions if you have any, you can
usually find people on this list or on the #ubuntu-desktop IRC channel

Sebastien Bacher

ubuntu-desktop mailing list

ubuntu-desktop mailing list

Sebastien Bacher 01-09-2012 08:56 AM

AW: Call for contributors
On 15/12/2011 15:33, Thomas Prost wrote:

Hello alltogether,
is there anything to do for a German documentation writer ?


Thank you for your interest, there is not a lot of specific work for
translators in the desktop team but it's likely that you could help the
german translation team or ubuntu documentation team if you are
interested to write or translate documentation

Sebastien Bacher

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