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Matthew Paul Thomas 10-19-2011 03:46 PM

Mozilla upgrade experience
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Chris Coulson wrote on 18/10/11 21:57:
> ...
> 1) A long standing issue we have is that upgrades totally break
> all currently running instances of Firefox or Thunderbird until
> they are restarted. This is made worse because we move the install
> location around between updates, but pulling the rug from
> underneath any running instance is probably never going to work
> reliably, even if the install location doesn't change.
> Note, this isn't just an issue with Mozilla applications - we just
> notice it more because we update them a lot more frequently than
> anything else in the archive. As another example, there was a Glade
> -> GtkBuilder transition a few cycles ago, where upgrades between
> distro-versions broke things such as the currently running instance
> of gnome-panel [2] due to the glade files being replaced with
> gtkbuilder ui files. I just wanted to point this out before people
> start blaming Firefox that this is really a problem with how our
> package manager works...
> ...

Fixing this was previously discussed at UDS Lucid, but not implemented.

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