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07-25-2012 01:25 PM

FAILED SMART self-check - offlist

Oh, good: you read his emails the same way I did, that he really didn't
understand what RAID 1 is, or how the system handles hardware. I was
afraid I was missing something, and didn't intend to insult him. I
really do try to make sure of my aim before I start coming down on


Paul Tader wrote:
> On 7/25/12 7:40 AM, Robert Canary wrote:
>> Sorry for the confusion.
>> Two drives sda and sdb are mirrored with RAID 1
>> Getting errors on sda.
>> I removed the sda, and moved sdb into the sda position
>> However, I am still getting the same errors on the sda.
>> Robert Canary
>> OCDirect Electrical-Datacomm
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>> ----- Original Message -----
>>> On 07/25/12 07:18, Robert Canary wrote:
>>>> I have RHEL machine here that becomes so unresponsive the mail
>>>> server
>>>> it is hosting practically stops. It is currently running a mirrored
>>>> drive between sda and sdb. I have been getting the following errors
>>>> in the log files, so I moved the mirrored drive to sda and disabled
>>>> the (old) sda. Currently the system seems to be stable again,
>>>> however, I am still getting these errors.
>>> I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you did. You mention two
>>> drives,
>>> and then "the (old) sda". ?
>>> Next, is this RAID 1?
>>>> Any ideas where to go to fix it. Could it be bad sectors where
>>>> transferred to the mirrored drive? Running smartmontools-5.3 I
>>> No. Bad sectors are *physical* errors on the platter.
>>> <snip>
>>> mark
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> Sorry, if you mean you physically move the sdb drive to the physical
> location sda was in? Or in other words swapped hardware around?
> mark is correct. This drive is failing and needs to be replaced. In
> short you should run the mdadm tool to remove the drive from the
> mirrored set (if it's not already), physically replace the drive,
> partition and add the new drive into the mirror with the mdadm utility.
> As far as the server being slow, it could be that the OS is trying to
> read/write data from this failing drive and is slow because it's
> encountering I/O errors. Run the command "dmesg". I'm betting it
> filled with I/O errors.
> Hope this helps.
> Paul
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