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01-28-2011 05:25 PM

bonding + vlan (without untagged address)
Le 28/01/2011 13:40, a écrit :

When I boot the server, eth0 and eth1 aren't going up, bond0 exists but
complains that eth0/eth1 are not present and bond.<vlan_ID> is not up.

If I connect to the server with a KVM console and manually start the
remaining interfaces (ifup eth0 / ifup eth1 / ifup bond0.<vlan_ID>, it

If I configure a IP address for bond0, it also works at bootime, but I
don't want to do that.

Do you have an idea why eth0 and eth1 are not going up when bond0 as not
IP address? Again, it works if I manually start the interfaces.

I tried on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.6 and 6.0, both 64 bits edition.

It seems I had a very buggy installation of RHEL6 :

- eth0 and eth1 did not go "up" when the SLAVE=yes option was present
on the script, it worked with MASTER=bond0 only

- interfaces were started alphabetically, which means bond0 was
starting first and eth0 and eth1 were started after (!)

- bonding + VLAN wasn't working at all

I re-installed a fresh RHEL6 on a virtual machine and a blade server and
it worked fine, included the bond0.<vlan_ID> in dhcp and bond0 on
"dummy" mode.

Please not that the "BOOTPROTO" option is used only with value "dhcp"
and "bootp", values "static" and "none" are ignored.



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