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"Mr. Paul M. Whitney" 01-09-2011 02:18 PM

audit.rules umount problem
I am trying to add rules that audit umount/umount2. My entries are:

<from audit.rules>

-a always,exit -F arch=b32 -S umount -F auid>=500 -F auid!=4294967295 -k umount

# This line with 64 generates and error in the rules.
-a always,exit -F arch=b64 -S umount -F auid>=500 -F auid!=4294967295 -k umount

# These next two appear to be ok
-a always,exit -F arch=b32 -S umount2 -F auid>=500 -F auid!=4294967295 -k umount
-a always,exit -F arch=b64 -S umount2 -F auid>=500 -F auid!=4294967295 -k umount

< end audit.rules>

Can some please tell me why this line is generating and error and possibly a solution?

Thank you,


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