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07-12-2011 06:40 PM

Remove ehci_hcd
I would like to prevent ehci_hcd from loading at boot. Doing a modprobe
-r will remove the module, but it re-appers when rebooted. I could put
the command in rc.local, but I would rather not. I have tried the
following things, but it always gets loaded at boot:

Added "blacklist ehci_hcd" /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist
Tried "alias ehci_hcd off" to modprobe.conf
Tried "inistall ehci_hcd /bin/true" to modprobe.conf
I'm seems to be getting loaded with the initrd.img file. I see the
module directories when I mount the image to loop. I tried creating a
new initrd.img, but I havn't been able get the ehci_hcd module to not
show up in the newly created initrd.

Any suggestions?

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