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"Matthew Revell" 12-11-2008 03:07 PM

Important: moving launchpad-users

Important: launchpad-users is moving

On Monday 15th December launchpad-users is moving and we'll be
hosting the list on Launchpad itself.

Once the move is complete, we'll email a confirmation to the new
Launchpad-hosted launchpad-users.

What you need to do

If you are currently subscribed to launchpad-users with one of
the email addresses registered in your Launchpad account, we'll
transfer your subscription automatically.

You will need to re-subscribe if you're currently subscribed
using an address that is not registered in your Launchpad

Where to send email

Following the move, you should send all email intended for the
launchpad-users to:

Managing your subscription in Launchpad

Each mailing list hosted by Launchpad is associated with a
specific team. We've created a new launchpad-users team, which
you can find here:

To subscribe to the mailing list, first join the team and then
choose which email address you want to subscribe with, here:

When we make the move, we'll transfer the existing list archive
to Launchpad:

Updating your email filters

If you filter launchpad-users email, you'll need to udpate your

Launchpad-hosted launchpad-users mail will have this header:

List-Id: <>

Please see your mail client or web mail provider's help if you're
unsure how to update your filters.

What next?

So long as you're subscribed to the new version of the list and
you've updated your filters, you probably won't notice the move.

If you need help, though, we're always around in #launchpad on
Freenode (check the topic for that day's help contact) and you
can email


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