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"Bas Roufs -En." 10-04-2012 02:26 PM

First impression of Kontact after upgrade to KDE 4.9.2.
Hello Everybody,

at one of my laptops, I carried out yesterday an upgrade to KDE 4.9.2.: via a
ppa-backport, from it's predecessor 4.9.1., at Kubuntu 12.04.

In KDE 4.9.1., Kontact was functional but hat several "rough edges", failures
and drawbacks. Most of them seem to have gone after the upgrade to 4.9.2. IMAP
synchronisation - KMail- goes much smoother now.
Earlier this week, I had difficulties to excess the IMAP folder for incoming
mail - but this problem had to do with something wrong on the servers of
Google - not with Kontact. Exactly the same problem popped up in the IMAP mail
client of my phone.

An interesting innovation coming with KDE 4.9.* are two agents related to a
gmail account: one for contacts, another one for calendar and tasks. I
already pointed to them in an other thread at this forum.

Calendar and contact sync function nearly flawlessly now. Each change in the
calendar or contact list quickly appears also elsewhere: both "online", in my
google account and at my mobile phone (Android 4.03, Lenovo A750.)

Synchronisation of tasks with my google account was (seemingly) impossible
until and including KDE 4.8.*. Today, I did manage to sync them with both the
online and mobile phone version of the task list. Also syncing a task works
in all possible directions now. Adding a new task or editing an existing one
is possible at every device connected to my Gmail account. After syncing, the
new or reedited task appears "everywhere" quite quickly. This is the first
time I observe this syncing possibility ever since I started working with
Kontact - 2 or 3 years ago.

However, the devil is in the detail . Two nasty things need to be taken into

1. Only the due DATE is being synced.
Only the due DATE is being supported by Google, not the due TIME. The
priority rating, start date and start time are NOT visible in Google, hence,
also not in the phone. That's why, it is better to insert such information
also in the tekst that specifies the task: that part also appears "everywhere".

2. To-do list synchronised, notwithstanding an "error" pop-up
================================================== =
When editing an existing task or inserting a new one at the "to do" list in
Kontact, I immediately get an error pop-up with the following text:

akonadi_googlecalendar_resource_0. User quota exceeded. Try again later.
Google replied: "backend error".

However, the new new task or change in the existing one DOES come back in both
Google and at my mobile phone. So, the problem here is not the
synchronisation, but the apparently ill-founded error report.

I hope, this reflection is useful for someone.
Respectfully yours,
Bas Roufs.

Bas G. Roufs MA
Van 't Hoffstraat 1
NL-3514 VT Utrecht
The Netherlands, EU
E.; Mob. +31 6 446 835 10; Tel. +31 30 785 20 40.
Open source OS: Kubuntu 12.04, see .
Websites in construction: ;; .

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