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Clay Weber 05-30-2012 11:43 PM

etiquette (again) was: Update to the Community
While there are some rules about the etiquette, a couple of major notes to

1) Most every email client defaults to html, and replies are often defaulted
to using the format of the message replied to.

2) There is a message size limit that prevents most images from being
attached already.

3) Who actually reads the welcome message sent? Obviously not enough :)

4) Be friendly ;) ( I read the alienation comment as meant to be a bit snarky,
but thankfully I was wrong)

5) We are too small a list to be worried so much about etiquette 24/7 in
regards to html.

6) However, formatting replies and trimming quotes sure makes it easier for
everyone to get to the meaty goodness.

7) It has been quite a while, 2009 if gmane's search is doing a proper job of
it, since this subject has come up in a significant way so I don't think there
has been any real issue with all the html mail we have received in that time.

8) See #6

9) See #4

clay (claydoh)
wearing my list admin hat

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