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Clay Weber 10-15-2011 01:29 PM

How best to migrate my data to KMail 2 and Kontact in Kubuntu 11.10?
On Saturday, October 15, 2011 10:11:14 AM Bas G. Roufs wrote:
> Hello everybody
> Before upgrading to 11.10, I would appreciate a bit of advise. In the thread
> "Kubuntu 11.10 is out", I read the following:
> > Upgraders should be aware of the transition to KMail 2 which does not
> >
> > correctly import your mail, instructions on how to do this manually are
> > at
> >
> >
> Instructions at -amongst others - that wiki page sound a bit complicated to
> me. I am wondering whether a more simple way to migrate the data to KMail2
> along with Kontact in Kubuntu 11.10. I am considering the following steps:
> synchronising the agenda and address book in Kontact with those of GMAIL via
> Akonadi Googledata - with a view to backing them up online;
> backing up the agenda offline by exporting it to an .ics file (iCalendar);
> backing up the address book offline in a few formats, like vCard3.0 and CSV;
> backing up all the offline data to one or two external hard disks;
> installation of Kubuntu 11.10 "from scratch" via a fresh installation CD
> instead of an upgrade from the existing Kubuntu 11.04 configuration; import
> of the address book and agenda via the offline or online backups into
> Kontact;
> import of the mail via the online archive in GMAIL via "disconnected IMAP";
> import of all the other data from a backup external HD.
> Is this an approach that can work practically and effectively?
> Respectfully yours,
> Bas Roufs.
That is basically what is described in the wiki page, actually. The backed-up
folders have the info that you would be importing back into your fresh setup,
so you don't have to take the extra steps to export things first..

Some have reported problems syncing with googledata. so that is why I
suggested copying the folders that contain addressbook and calendar data

My own experience here is that skipping the automatic kmail migration entirely
and running it manually did work very well for me, but there are annoyances
with my disconnected imap accounts spewing error messages at every sync or
when applying filters manually - filters do not seem to work on all accounts,
and the spam filtering does not work period. The annoying error popups were
eliminated by deleting the disconnected-imap accounts, and re-adding them as
normal imap ones. This may not be feasible f or all. I tested this numerous
times using 1 pop account, 1 imap (gmail) and 2 d-imap (my web host's email
server) accounts.

My address books, both local and google based were imported just fine at first
login, as were my contacts.


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