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Mark Greenwood 06-24-2010 07:40 PM

"80%" SOLVED: How to get mobile broadband, LAN and WIFI working again at the same netbook??!!
On Thursday 24 Jun 2010 16:22:50 Bas Roufs wrote:
> Hello Sinclair and Everybody
> Your latest input, Sinclair, solves at least "80%" of the problem I
> have been struggling with the past 3 weeks! Thank you very much.
> One question remains in order to completely resolve the following question:
> >>>>>> How to get mobile broadband, LAN and WIFI working again at the same netbook??!!
> A few days ago, it became clear in which direction I needed to look
> for the right solution:
> >>> You might want to try the gnome networkmanager that is said to be much
> >>> better at dealing with mobile internet. Look for network-manager-gnome.
> >>> Uninstall Wicd and network-manager-kde ......
> However, I did not find any widget enabling me to control
> networkmanager-gnome within the KDE environment I am working with.
> (Kubuntu 10.04). Your answer of today, Sinclair, has pointed me at the
> missing link I have been looking for:
> > I think you have to start something called nm-applet from konsole after
> > boot/login to get the applet down in systray
> Because of this instruction, I installed again networkmanager-gnome
> and completely removed WICD. KNetworkmanager has already been
> completely removed a few days ago. In this changed configuration, I
> opened Konsole, and gave in the command "nm-applet". Immediately after
> doing so, the widget I was looking for appeared in the systray.
> Moreover, I do manage now, to easily enable and disable both wired and
> mobile broadband connections.
> I am writing this message from my mobile connection, which is working
> fine now. I did not yet test a WIFI-connection. However, I think such
> a connection will work too - taking into consideration info I have
> read at this forum and elsewhere.
> The only question remaining now is the following: how can I change the
> start-up settings in such a way that the "nm-applet" automagically
> appears AND STAYS in the systray?
> Now, this applet only appears in combination with Konsole and the
> command "nm-applet". However, when quitting Konsole, nm-applet also
> vanishes. The mobile broadband connection also stops in such a case.
> That's why, I look for a way to change the settings in such a way,
> that nm-applet can run automatically, immediately after booting and
> starting up. So far, I did not yet find an understandable answer to
> this question at Kubuntu or Ubuntu Forums.

In System Settings->Advanced->Autostart, add a new Program. If you can't find it by browsing the list of 'Known Applications', just type '/usr/bin/nm-applet' into the box.

(As an aside, you can 'dissociate' the command from the Konsole terminal by typing 'nm-applet &'. You could then close Konsole and nm-applet will not quit, but you won't need to do this if you follow my auggestion above).


> Thanks, respectfully yours,
> Bas.

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