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Bas Roufs 06-22-2010 11:26 AM

How to get mobile broadband, LAN and WIFI working again at the same netbook??!!
Hello Bruce and Everybody

Thanks, Bruce for your attempt to help me. However, I have not been
able to solve the problem so far. But I URGENTLY need a quick
solution. In the final part of my previous message I have summarised
the issue as follows:

>> Finally I absolutely need BOTH WICD and KNetworkmanager, as it has
>> been possible the past few weeks - in order to enable myself to work
>> with both LAN, WLAN and Mobile broadband.

Your reacted as follows, Bruce.
> Not sure that is possible *but it might.

During a few weeks I have been able to run WICD and KNetworkmanager
next to one another at Kubuntu 10.04. It proved to be possible in that
time to use WICD for WIFI and wired (LAN) connections and
KNetworkmanager for mobile broadband. But suddenly, a few days ago,
there was some complication or mistake I cannot reconstruct any more.
Ever since that moment, 20 June 2010, KNetworkmanager has been
"disabled". I have tried several options to solve the problem:
uninstalling and reinstalling;
several restarts;

Today, I UNinstalled completely WICD in the hope to get
KNetworkmanager back again. But the latter package remained
"disabled". The only way to back some internet connection was
restarting in safe mode, clicking at "netroot" and reinstalling via
that specific terminal WICD.
As a matter of result, I cannot use any more the mobile internet
dongle, which I need really urgently. My attempts from a few weeks ago
to use KPPP for the dongle also failed so far.

My question is now: how can I ENABLE again KNetworkmanager while
maintaining WICD???!!!

> When I first installed the 10.4 beta, *I couldn't get knetworkmanager to
> connect to WIFI. *This is nothing new, I have never gotten it to work.

With Kubuntu 8.10 and 9.04, KNetworkmanager worked out of the box with WIFI.
But ever since 9.10, it does not work any more with WIFI, even when
giving in the right codes. On the other hand, KNetworkmanager has been
the only package so far that enabled me to work with a mobile
broadband dongle.

> usually course of action is to use a wired connection to install WICD and as
> you mentioned, that used to remove *Knetworkmanager.
Until and including Kubuntu 9.10, it worked like that.

> But with 10.4, *WICD wouldn't work either and that is what you are upagainst.
> The problem is that both packages bring up their own copy of wpa-supplicant,
> which is the package that does the password checking. * Things get confused
> with two copies of wpa-supplicant.

So far, I have discovered only one package of "wpa_supplicant": both
via synaptic and via the "System Activity" monitor. On the other hand,
I did not check this when WICD and KNetworkmanager still worked next
to one another.

> If you really need to have both Wicd and NM running, then you should probably
> write up a bug report on the problem.

Of course, I am perfectly happy to write a bug report. However, I need
a quick solution now to get my internet dongle working again at
Kubuntu 10.04

> I just removed NM in all cases with 10.4 *and things work fine.

The problem is that I did not manage so far to use my mobile broadband
dongle with WICD or KPPP. So, I absolutely need either Network Manager
or some alternative for the dongle.

> To test your problem, you might look to see if you have two copies of wpa-
> supplicant running and kill one of them... *If either NM or Wicd starts
> working after that, then that is your problem.

As I said above, I see only one copy running at this machine. On the
other hand, "Networkmanager" is disabled, but NOT absent.

Respectfully Yours,


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Bas Roufs 06-23-2010 03:17 PM

How to get mobile broadband, LAN and WIFI working again at the same netbook??!!
Hello Sinclair and Everybody

> You might want to try the gnome networkmanager that is said to be much
> better at dealing with mobile internet. Look for network-manager-gnome.
> Uninstall Wicd and network-manager-kde if they are not removed by
> network-manager-gnome. You will find a new systray applet and in that
> there is mobile internet etc.

Thanks for this interesting advise. I have tried to act accordingly.
However, after installing network-manager-gnome, uninstalling wicd and
restarting, the systray applet simply did not show up. Moreover: there
was no internet connection at all. The only way to get properly
connected again, was going to "netroot", reinstalling wicd and
completely removing again network-manager-gnome.

Is there anything else I need to take into account in order to get
network-mananager-gnome working?

Respectfully yours,


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