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"Ulrich Grn" 07-04-2008 10:58 AM

LaTeX Was: Speech recognition
2008/7/4 Donn <>:
> On the subject of LaTeX -- may I submit my vote for LyX, a very nifty editor
> that takes most of the hard work out of just writing stuff. I dig it very
> much and have not fired-up oo writer for almost a year now!

LyX makes LaTeX much easier. I used it for more than a year. The
reason that I quit with LyX and went for LaTeX (commands) though, is
that at one point LyX wasn't able to process its own data anymore
(some error in the file I wrote with it). I exported the data to LaTeX
and looked manually for the error. This way I learned LaTeX, and I
never felt any urge to return to LyX.

LaTeX is *very* easy to learn. The best way is to look at example
files and read the little booklet 'The (Not So) Short Introduction to

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. " To faith only the holy is true, to knowledge only the true is holy "
. (L. Feuerbach)

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Donn 07-04-2008 11:13 AM

LaTeX Was: Speech recognition
Hey thanks for that link! Nice to have some more up-to-date info on the
subject. I have had to dig into Latex to get lyx to do some tricks, but I
don't push the edges too much; happy to let the standard environments just do
their thing.


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