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Zeth 05-05-2008 01:21 AM

Non-free images revisited - non-free Python logo
Hello All,

Firstly, excuse my poor memory but where did the debate over non-free
images in Gobuntu, i.e. those in Firefox/Iceweasel, end up? The answer
to this might illuminate my second question.

Secondly, where did the Python logo used in Ubuntu come from? I do not
think it came from upstream?

This image ends up installed at /usr/share/pixmaps/python2.5.xpm
It seems to come from python2.5_2.5.2–2ubuntu4_i386.deb which contains
data.tar.gz which in turn contains /./usr/share/pixmaps/python2.5.xpm

The Python blue and yellow snakes logo is proprietary. The Python
foundation claims an (unregistered) trademark over this image and
disallows modification and unauthorised usage. As far as I know this
image is not released under the free software Python licence. Should
this image therefore be removed from Gobuntu? And perhaps Ubuntu too?

There may be other pixmaps also that need to be looked at.

Best Wishes,

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