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04-24-2008 03:56 AM

gobuntu / ubuntu and back. nvidia video drivers
Hello. I think it would be useful to be able to with a simple command
switch a system that is installed as Ubuntu, to Gobuntu, and vice versa.

Do any developers have a script or a guide that will mostly accomplish this?

Somehow flagging the source packages that still contain properitary code
might be a step towards making gNewSense closer to Gobuntu. This could be
as simple as a keyword such as 'proprietary-source' in the description for
these packages so you can easily search for them, and eventually exclude them.

I'm all in favor in taking steps to become more 'free software' like. In my
case, the one proprietary item that I really can't go without at the moment
due to performance reasons is a native Nvidia graphics driver. I tend to
install the latest versions manually, directly from Nvidia.

I've been checking back into the Gobuntu wiki page every so often and I still
see Firefox -> Iceweasel, and some other items still listed. I wasn't sure
how to contribute so I'm just sending this message to let you know that I think
there are more supporters out there looking to help, we just don't know how.


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