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05-13-2008 02:04 PM

jwhois quit working
Has anyone else noticed jwhois queries to have quit working?

I get
root # jwhois
[Error creating socket]
[Unable to connect to remote host]

If I change the default server, still get the same message.

Changing to alpha style notation:

I get a bunch of blab about
A Web interface for the .EDU EDUCAUSE
Whois Server is available at:
no match

The address is well known and registered and a regular whois finds it

OrgName: University of California, Santa Barbara

Far as I know jwhois was working until very recently and the current
failures may have started following an -uD world although as eix
reports below... jwhois has not been updated since 10/2007 and there have
been no update pkgs in that time..

eix reports:
eix -I jwhois
[i] net-misc/jwhois
Available versions: 3.2.3-r1 4.0 {idn nls}
Installed versions: 4.0(12:05:23 10/07/07)(nls)
Description: Advanced Internet Whois client capable of
recursive queries

Can anyone tell what the problem is?

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