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"Vladimir Rusinov" 05-08-2008 08:28 AM

'Insufficient space to store' on a network share

I have the file server which exports /usr/portage/ via smbfs. It is
mounted in following way.
/dev/xxx to /usr/portage (~512M)
/dev/yyy to /usr/portage/distfiles (~10G, 7G currently free)

I'm mounting smb://fs/portage/ to /usr/portage (rw) on my clients, and
when I'm trying to fetch huge package portage tells me "Insufficient
space to store" (and yes, df -h shows that there are about 200 Mb
free, but I'm sure that distfiles/ have enough space).
How can I omit this error and force portage not to check my diskspace.

PS: sorry for bad English

Vladimir Rusinov
Voronezh, Russia
UNIX Admin @ Murano Software
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