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James 04-29-2008 03:04 AM

HP dv9000 video hang

I have an hp laptop that works except when the
screen goes blank (screen saver kicking in). If I boot the system and use it
for a whille, all is fine. If I leave the system for a short
while, I can never get it back after the screen blanks. No matter
which keys I touch the screen stays blank. I'm running
kde 3.5.8 on it. It's mostly a stable system. Once and while,
when it boots, the kernel just hangs, alway at the same place.
The first line starts with the word "clock".

I found this hack:

which may be related to my problem. Somehow I'm guessing
it is something to do with ACPI (not sure). When I go
through the kde control center to {power control} ->
{laptop battery} -> {ACPI Config tab}, the all options
are just fuzzed out (unsetable). Ideas on getting this
working or another method to check the ACPI settings is
most appreciated.

The system boots just fine into XP and after the screen blanks
just touching the return key brings it back (like all of my other
gentoo laptops I manage for other folks).

I'm not doing anything different (that I'm aware of) with
the kernel compared to other systems. The laptop
has not always done this. At first, the clock boot hang
was rare. Now it happens more frequently, maybe every 5th

I set the screen blanker to the clock option and that has seemed to
fix the recovery problem when the screen saver kicks in.

Ideas where to look to fix the clock boot hang problem
and setting the ACPI options are appreciated.


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