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Samuraiii 09-10-2012 04:12 PM

Reinstall + switch to KDE
because I broke me PC and I need to reinstall it I'm going ask what
should I preserve to make install faster:

1. I presume that /home can be left intact.
2. I plan to backup /etc and after reinstall I'm going to "diff"
/etc.old with /etc to see what changed and to keep my previous changes
in config.(not to forget to change make.conf according to switch to KDE)
3. Also I'm going to keep kernel .config and /boot intact.
4. World file will be also backed-up and during reinstall I'm going to
strip it of unnecessary Gnome packages to switch to KDE.

Did I missed something? Should I take care of something else?

Thank you for your advices in advance

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