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赵佳晖 08-19-2012 04:12 AM

openrc cann't logger my boot log
Hi, everyone. For some unknown reason , my gentoo can't start up , but i can see the grub menu. So i went into ubuntu and chroot into the gentoo . Then i want to log some message to find out some thing .*I have already enable the devfs and the rc_logger in the /etc/rc.conf

ubuntu / # rc-service -l | grep devfsdevfs
ubuntu / # grep rc_logger /etc/rc.conf# rc_logger launches a logging daemon to log the entire rc process to
After that , i reboot the computer . But it didn't have the /var/log/rc.log . Then i have no idea... Can anyone help ? and if you want more message , Please tell me.
PS: my gentoo was normal last night . Then i didn't do some thing like upgrade the kernel . etc.


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