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Frank Steinmetzger 08-12-2012 12:09 AM

Cannot see Grub menu
Hi there

So after the recent thread here about 32bit/64bit and some arguments from a
friend, I made the switch from 32 bit to 64 bit (with a clean install from
scratch of course). There’s one big problem I’m having: I cannot see the Grub
(legacy) boot menu. It still functions alright, but I don’t see it.

When I switch on the machine, after POST I see the "loading grub" and stage
1.5 message, but then the screen isn’t updated. I can still do my selection
and press Enter, and then I see the "loading kernel..." message without a
clearing of the screen first.

Any idea what this is? I re-installed Grub and did grub’s own setup
procedure, and all files in /boot/grub are from the time of the last emerge.

Happy remaining weekend.

PS @Michael Mol: it is nice for you that you joined Google+ recently, but are
you aware that they scanned your address book and spammed around about it?
There are some of us who don’t want to be part of any social moloch.
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