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Mario Ignacio Rodríguez Cortés 04-10-2008 03:29 PM

%LDAP sudoers
Hi list:

I have a problem at the moment that i try to execute a command as a sudo
user, quikly, I have two machines, the first is my LDAP server and the
second is my client on LDAP, the authentication whit any user that is in
the LDAP data base is succesful, but when i execute the sudo command i
get the following lines in the /var/log/messages:

nss_ldap: reconnecting to LDAP server (sleeping 1 seconds)...
nss_ldap: reconnecting to LDAP server (sleeping 2 seconds)...
nss_ldap: reconnecting to LDAP server (sleeping 4 seconds)...
nss_ldap: reconnecting to LDAP server (sleeping 8 seconds)...
nss_ldap: could not search LDAP server - Server is unavailable
uid 1050 does not exist in the passwd file! ; TTY=pts/9 ; PWD=unknown ;
USER=root ; COMMAND=vim
Unable to locate mail
Cannot open mail:25

I follow the guide sudo README.LDAP
( and i made all the steps in
this guide but the messages are still displayed, the guide say in
certain point that the sudoers file can be disabled putting in
the /etc/sudoers the line "Defaults ignore_local_sudoers", I did this
too but the same messages.

I don't understand why continues seek the user in the /etc/passwd file,
any idea?

Thanks to all.
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