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walt 06-17-2012 11:17 PM

Alternatives to the gnome-system-monitor panel applet?
(I considered posting this into the Linus-bashing-gnome3 thread, then
I decided against it :)

There are tons of stuff in gnome(any version) that I don't need, but
for many years I've stuck with gnome for one, maybe silly, reason.

The gnome-system-monitor applet displays graphs of processor use,
memory use, network load, disk activity, and swap usage in one tiny
panel applet about 5cm wide and 1cm high.

The important thing to me is that the graphs display the values of
all of those things over last 60 seconds or so. And the graphs are
never hidden behind other windows because the panel is always visible.

Over the years I've caught $LARGE_NUMBER of bugs that show up as
inappropriate cpu load or excessive memory use or network traffic
or hard-disk activity.

Yes, that's my own fault because I choose to live on the bleeding
edge :) I get pain and pleasure at the same time -- but I don't
need to explain that to this group :p

I'd probably be using xfce if not for that one panel applet.

Any suggestions?

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