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Alex Schuster 05-18-2012 07:59 PM

Suspend to {RAM,Disk] (was: Runlevels, ordering initscripts and running them in background)
walt writes:

> On 05/16/2012 01:40 AM, Ignas Anikevicius wrote:
> > I want to do this, so that I do not have to wait while non-crucial
> > services are being started
> I can barely remember when I was young enough to care about saving
> a few seconds. (But, good for you :)

Isn't rebooting uncool nowadays anyway? Apart from the time for booting,
you have to log in, and open all the stuff you need to do your work. At
least for me, this is a lot. My PC runs all day, because it runs some
services others need, so this is not an issue. But when I will no longer
need to do this, I will try to make suspend to {ram,disk} work.

Of course, while this seems to work just fine for most people, it doesn't
for me. I had trouble with suspending to disk (using tuxonice-sources) in
the past, when I was using ati-drivers (fglrx) instead of the open
source radeon drivers, which were not working for me at that time.
Sometimes it just worked, sometimes I had to try suspending for multiple
times, sometimes it did not work at all. Then I experienced file system
corruption of my root partition, and did not try again. Such a corruption
also happened on another PC, so I do not really dare to try this again

Suspend to ram (using the hibernate-ram command from
sys-power/hibernate-script) seems to work better. It is much faster, and
needs only a few watts for standby. But there seem to be side effects. My
ISDN setup does not work after suspending to RAM. Well, it doesn't work
anyway, but at least I can see incoming calls normally, which does not
work afterwards. And I cannot remove the ISDN modules before suspending,
maybe I should try an older kernel, where this was working. And one time
I I had trouble with any USB devices after suspend, but I'm not really
sure this was related, I cannot reproduce this now. Didn't try very often
yet, though.

I hope to get this working soon. I just found the rtcwake command
(sys-apps/util-linux), this allows to suspend to RAM and automatically
wake up at a specified date. Nice, I can set the PC to sleep, and it
wakes up before I have to :)


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