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Alan Mackenzie 05-17-2012 05:24 PM

In X: wants to "save screenshot". How do I stop this?
Hello, Paul.

On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 05:30:50PM -0500, Paul Hartman wrote:
> On Wed, May 16, 2012 at 5:00 PM, Alan Mackenzie <> wrote:
> > Hi, Gentoo!

> > Just this past hour, I've noticed that in Gnome 2, any depression of
> > <up> wants to create a .png image of my current desktop. *This is
> > regardless of which application is currently active. *This is
> > particularly irritating in Firefox, where I want <up> to scroll the
> > screen.

> > I suspect this might have been caused by a recent update to the ?event
> > library (I can't remember exactly what this was).

> > I hate it when people do "clever" things like this. *How can I make it
> > stop?

> I would downgrade to previous version of the evdev driver and see if
> it helps.

I do
emerge =dev-libs/libevent-2.0.16
and restart X windows. Everything now works properly. (The recently
emerged libevent was 2.0.18.)

> Or disable/change the shortcut for print screen as a
> temporary workaround.

I tried this (in Gnome 2) with System/Preferences/Keyboard
Shortcuts/Desktop/Take a screenshot. It was set to <Print> and I left
it there.

Similarly, "Take a screenshot of a window" was set to <Alt+Print>.
Typing <Alt+up> triggered this.

I think there's something wrong with libevent-2.0.18. Does anybody get
problems in KDE or XFCE?

Alan Mackenzie (Nuremberg, Germany).

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