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Michael Mol 03-04-2012 07:08 PM

Photo management programs
So I take a lot of pictures. A *lot* of pictures. Sometimes around
500/month, sometimes twice that if I manage to get out more. I've got
a large number of 'DCIM' directories from different cameras, different
camera models, etc, going back ten years. Sometimes in JPG, sometimes
RAW, sometimes both.

And I've never really managed them well.

Does anyone have any photo management tool they like? I've got bits of
Qt and Gtk installed already, and while I'd prefer to avoid pulling in
a full desktop environment, I might--if the tool is good enough. It
would have to:

* Handle RAW (via libraw or dcraw is fine), JPEG, PNG[1] and TIFF[1]
content and metadata
* Index by metadata, including things like the recording camera's
serial number[2]
* Not be destructive, or ambiguous about being destructive, on image
import. I tried using Amarok to organize my music, which is in similar
disarray, and I was never sure if it was being destructive about the
source files/folders. So I made copies. Which ultimately added to the

[1] My postprocessing occasionally winds up in lossless formats like these.
[2] My fiancee and I have the same model camera, and occasionally need
to share memory cards, so I'd like to be able to use serial number to
distinguish whose is whose.


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