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"" 01-01-1970 01:00 AM

Xen domU Issues with partition table gpt

I installed the gpt table partionning on my system, which allow me to have more as 4 partitions . It works
fine to boot from every partition from a standard kernel
Of course, I enabled the gpt support on the gentoo .
config. For other distros , i must check. that is not the problem.

But now I changed a test partition to a xen
dom0 (gentoo 2.4.34-r3-xen ). the dom0 boot fine . But now when i start a domu , guest modified kernel 2.6.34-r6 , i
get an issue. the domU boot process starts good , but when it is trying to mount the root partition, i get an "unknown
partition table" and xvda: and no partitions number like "xvda1...."

Idea? or some similar experiences ?

you very much ?

My system have the VT-X (and enabled in the bios , if anybody asks....) , i could try to start the
xen-guest as hvm (but from a partition , not an disk image) .. but it did not work...
it is my second issue...

Claude Angéloz

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