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Mark Knecht 08-23-2010 05:40 PM

Firefox-bin/Hulu - complete X crash
I haven't seen any posts on this nor found much using Google as of
yet. Is anyone seeing complete crashes of X - back to the gdm login
screen - when they try to play a video in Hulu using firefox-bin? This
is a 64-bit machine, up to date, mostly stable. I switched to
firefox-bin due to the security warnings about Flash on the 64-bit
version of Firefox and since the switch have been unable to use Hulu.
Both Hulu and Hulu desktop worked before the change. Everything else
I've tried seems to work OK.

Intel motherboard with Intel graphics. Have not removed .mozilla or
anything like that as of yet. Waited a few weeks to see if upgrades
might take care of it but nothing has helped yet.


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