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Alan McKinnon 08-21-2010 02:16 PM

Ebuild Fixup Scripts
Apparently, though unproven, at 16:10 on Saturday 21 August 2010, Carl Pettit
did opine thusly:

> A lot of ebuilds list a fixup script at the end that the user must manually
> execute. If the build is pulled in as part of another build, these scripts
> can be missed. This fact has cost me 2 days and a borked system. Is there a
> way of running these automatically on completion as part of the install?

No, there is no such thing and will likely never be.

The default operation of gentoo is to put stuff there and wait for you (root)
to take action on it.

ebuilds do configure dick with your configs (OK, except webmin, but that is a
piece of shit and to be expected), start daemons or cause them to be added to
rc-update. That is for YOU - as root - to decide and act on. User wanting a
distro that does everything for them need use Red Hat, Ubuntu, etc.

What you must do is configure your elogging in make.conf (it's all in man 5
make.conf) and read the elogs in /var/log/portage/elog/ when an emerge is
complete. Or have them mailed to you.

alan dot mckinnon at gmail dot com

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