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Philip Webb 08-21-2010 05:24 AM

libacl mess : solved by sleep
100820 Michael Orlitzky wrote:
> You might be able to grab the 'acl' and 'attr' packages from here:

Thanks for that link: I had the idea someone kept tarballs somewhere,
but couldn't find a reference in my usually extensive notes.

Anyway after some sleep, I woke up Horace (my ASUS EEE netbook)
with the idea of copying the Portage snapshot + Stage 3 into it
while finishing waking up. I have a big partition in all my machines
which I mount as /z & which I treat as an empty hangar for heavy lifting
(eg /z/tmp is what Portage uses while compiling: OO needs 5 GB here).
In Horace, it's 60 GB .

So that's where I'll copy the new stuff to partly re-install Gentoo.
Let's see what's there: 'cd /z ; bb ls' -> '... store3 store5 ...';
so what are those stores ? -- 'cd store3 ; bb ls' -> '... bin lib sbin ...';
hmm, must be from when I installed last November, mb I should remove it;
wait a min, "... lib ...": 'cd lib ; bb ls -l liba*' -> '... ...'.
so do miracles still happen, really ? -- let's copy the 'acl attr' stuff
back into /usr/lib & see what happens; 'emerge -pv coreutils' ->
'... -acl [green] ... ' -- yes, it's not in the list in my make.conf ,
but was used for some unknown reason in the Gentoo tarball -- ;
'emerge coreutils' -> goes on & on & on testing configs, it's compiling !
it's installing ! it's Supergentoo ! -- 'ls' alone now works again, ok !

So it was a nasty little trap waiting to happen,
a very rare occasion to fault the devs for using 'acl' in the tarball.
What it shows, yet again, is the value of keeping copies of everything,
& finally, that with Linux & esp Gentoo problems are 1 layer deep:
identify what is wrong & it's fairly simple to put it right
& you may even find luck is on your side some of the time, as here.

HTH others.

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