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Harry Putnam 03-15-2010 12:10 PM

nfs mount on client end.
In my home lan setup its an opensolaris (zfs fs) NFS server that is
supposed to be set to show NFS vers=3 on offer.

Somehow on the client end... my gentoo desktop, its getting mounted
with vers=4 as evidenced by the output of `mount'

opensolairs_NFS_SERVER:/pub on /pub type nfs
(rw,users,addr=,vers=4,clientaddr=192. 168.0.2)

Note it says vers=4. I don't see where that is being set.

/etc/conf.d/nfs mentiones NFS vers=4 but doesn't say that is what its
telling the kernel to use.

From /etc/conf.d/nfs
# Optional services to include in default `/etc/init.d/nfs start`
# For NFSv4 users, you'll want to add "rpc.idmapd" here.

Does that determine what version gets used... it doesn't sound like it

These lines out of /etc/init.d/nfsmount seems to be the culprit:
# Make sure nfs support is loaded in the kernel #64709
if [ -e /proc/modules ] && ! grep -qs 'nfs$' /proc/filesystems ; then
modprobe -q nfs

ebegin "Mounting NFS filesystems"
mount -a -t nfs,nfs4
eend $?

Or does `mount -a -t nfs,nfs4' just mean vers 4 is made available?

I have 2,3 and 4 enabled in the kernel:

zcat /proc/config.gz |grep 'NFS[^D].*='


There is also a:
# CONFIG_NFS_V4_1 is not set
But I think that is experimental, and not necessary for vers=4 to be

So is the linux client supposed to decide which version to mount by
what it sees on offer?

If so, then is there a known problem when the server is opensolaris?

I know opensolaris people tell me to set the server to offer only
version=3 because there is some problem with linux if you use

On the opensolaris lists, I've been discussing this, and it appears
other users are not having a similar problem when they tell the
server to use version=3 which I have (on the opensolaris server in

# Sets the maximum version of the NFS protocol that will be used by
# the NFS client. Can be overridden by the "vers=" NFS mount option.
# If "vers=" is not specified for an NFS mount, this is the version
# that will be attempted first. The default is 4.

# [HP 03/12/09 00:20
# ]

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Any input would be helpful..

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