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Kurt Guenther 12-10-2007 05:56 PM

VMWa Using Dual Boat Partition
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I setup my system to dual boot w/ Vista and Gentoo. I'd like to setup
VMWare to use this partition, so I can have access to the same stuff
whether I'm in Vista or via VMWare.

Despite all the warnings and exhortations by VMWare, I plowed ahead, but
quickly ran into two issues.

First, If I just use the partition that Vista is installed on, then I
get a Grub Error and no boot is attempted.

Second, to get around that, I have VMWare use the whole disk. The grub
screen is displayed, I select Vista, and it begins booting only to blow
apart on a blue screen. VMWare restarts so quickly that I can't really
see it.

Any ideas?

- --Kurt

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