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Mick 07-08-2008 09:35 AM

transcode dies on revdep-rebuild
This is what I'm getting, is there a fix?
optional package support
IBP no
X11 yes
libmpeg2 yes
libpostproc no
freetype2 yes
avifile no
lame yes
ogg yes
vorbis yes
theora yes
libdvdread yes
pvm3 no
libdv no
libquicktime yes
lzo no
a52 yes
libmpeg3 yes
libxml2 yes
mjpegtools yes
sdl yes
libfame no
imagemagick no
libjpeg yes
bsdav no
iconv yes

ERROR: option '--enable-imagemagick' failed: cannot link against libMagick
libMagick can be found in the following packages:

Please see the INSTALL file in the top directory of the
transcode sources for more information about building
transcode with this configure script.

!!! Please attach the following file when seeking support:
!!! /var/tmp/portage/media-video/transcode-1.0.4-r2/work/transcode-1.0.4/config.log
* ERROR: media-video/transcode-1.0.4-r2 failed.
* Call stack:
*, line 49: Called src_compile
* environment, line 2832: Called
econf 'src_compile' 'src_compile' '--with-default-xvid=xvid4' '--enable-a52' '--enable-a52-default-decoder' '--enable-mmx' '--enable-sse' '--disable-sse2' '--disable-3dnow' '--disable-altivec' '--disable-netstream' '--enable-freetype2' '--disable-v4l' '--enable-lame' '--enable-ogg' '--disable-oss' '--enable-vorbis' '--enable-theora' '--enable-libdvdread' '--disable-libdv' '--enable-libquicktime' '--disable-lzo' '--enable-iconv' '--enable-libmpeg3' '--enable-libxml2' '--enable-mjpegtools' '--enable-sdl' '--disable-libfame' '--enable-imagemagick' '--enable-libjpeg' '--with-x' '--with-mod-path=/usr/lib/transcode' '--with-libpostproc-builddir=/usr/lib'
*, line 513: Called die
* The specific snippet of code:
* die "econf failed"
* The die message:
* econf failed

"Daniel Pielmeier" 07-08-2008 09:42 AM

transcode dies on revdep-rebuild
2008/7/8, Mick <>:

Try media-video/transcode-1.0.4-r3!
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Mick 07-09-2008 07:22 AM

transcode dies on revdep-rebuild
On Tuesday 08 July 2008, Daniel Pielmeier wrote:
> 2008/7/8, Mick <>:
> Try media-video/transcode-1.0.4-r3!

Thanks Daniel, the mirrors hadn't percolated yet. It just finished compiling

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