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keith 02-04-2008 04:40 AM

Free-standing Portage / Recent stage3 tarballs / Beta
just do emerge --nodeps bash && emerge --nodeps portage. Because I get
it also

On Sat, 2008-02-02 at 20:31 -0800, wrote:
> Hi Gentoo-
> My overall impression of Gentoo is "what a fantastic system"! I can't
> believe how good, really. These are all fairly minor things. I'm new
> to Gentoo, so forgive dumb ignorance, but Linux and programming are my
> profession.
> For your 2008.0 release:
> The 2007.0~ppc branch fails to upgrade over a Bash / Portage block. So
> will 2008.0 break too, until attended? A Bash / Portage conflict is the
> worst possible.
> I tried to fix it (from zsh chroot into Gentoo) but gave up. Stock
> advice on FAQs does not work in this thorny case. Forums show
> occasional situations between Python / Portage, too.
> I do not want/ask your help, but only to share a thought:
> Portage should have embedded Python and embedded Bash. Exactly the
> versions it needs, with bare minimum required libraries, statically
> compiled.
> The Portage 'snapshot' is already a special install step. And Gentoo
> already ships regular snapshots. The only thing missing is embedding
> the dependencies directly.
> I've never embedded Bash, but have Python, several times. Bash could
> probably work too. The combined ELFs weigh around 2 MB total, not bad
> for a critical executive controller like Portage which has its own
> dedicated snapshots.
> Finally - how about some recent stage3 ~arch tarballs. I can't find
> any. Most distros do daily/weekly/monthly build snapshots. The only
> snapshots for Gentoo seem to be Portage snapshots. Am I wrong? I know
> the 2008.0 beta is due soon, but I mean on a continuous basis. Not
> binary builds, just the latest ~arch tarball. If not frequent, at least
> quarterly?
> Normal ppc 2007.0 works fine from a dependency standpoint. The entire
> reason for trying Gentoo is that ppc boxes need the absolute most
> bleeding edge of everything. Hence the interest in Gentoo and
> specifically ~arch. We also want the latest GNOME anyhow, plus
> compiz-fusion.
> Would it be best to wait a month until beta, or is it reasonable to
> install ~arch right now? A few bugzilla contributions from us might
> help the beta project but deadly bash/Portage conflicts are a little too
> thick for my taste right now...
> Thank you!
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