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Zac Medico 12-13-2008 07:02 PM

Question about a blocker with portage-2.1.6
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Pacho Ramos wrote:
> Hello
> I am not sure if this is the proper place for asking this, if not,
> please let me know the proper one and sorry for the inconvenience

This list is fine.

> I am using portage-2.1.6, when I tried to update to testing gtk+ I
> needed to also update to:
> =x11-libs/gtk+-2.14.5*
> =dev-libs/glib-2.18.3*
> =gnome-base/gail-1000
> After adding these to package.keywords I executed emerge -avuDN world,
> but it failed because of gail <1000 blocking gtk+-2.14.5 installation.
> This was easily solved simply unmerging old version, but I would know
> why emerge was unable to unmerge it and merge new version automatically
> (I thought that new portage would do it, but seems that not in this
> case)
> gtk+-2.14.5.ebuild has the following:
> !<gnome-base/gail-1000"
> and gail-1000 has:
> RDEPEND=">=x11-libs/gtk+-2.13.0"
> Thanks a lot for information

It seems like that blocker should have been solved automatically.
Can you reproduce it and post emerge output with the --debug option

When a package is not uninstalled automatically, there are a number
of possible cases that can trigger it:

1) The package cannot be installed because it has been pulled in as
a dependency of a package or a package set such as system or world.

2) The package can be uninstalled, but due to a case of bug #1343
involving an || dependency, it has been pulled into the dependency
graph. This can be solved automatically if the package is masked in

3) The package needs to be uninstalled before a conflicting package
is installed, rather than after, due to a !!atom blocker (bug #250286).

4) The EAPI is 0 or 1 and the package conflicts with either a system
package or a direct runtime dependency of the running
sys-apps/portage instance. This case is handled similarly to case 3

None of the above cases seem to apply to your gnome-base/gail
blocker, but --debug output might provide a clue. With
portage-, the --debug output now includes a representation of
the digraph which makes it easier to recognize instances of case 1.
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