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Sven Vermeulen 08-24-2012 05:32 PM

SELinux base policy 2.20120725 rev 4 in hardened-dev overlay
Hi folks,

Another policy iteration. Still contains a few /run updates (see how such a
"small" change in a distribution can make a large set of changes for
SELinux...) but other than that small fixes all over the place.

<no bug> Mark /etc/env.d in its entirety as etc_runtime_t
<no bug> Backport device driver context fixes
<no bug> Backport mei device driver support
#430990 Update skype policy for skype version 4
<no bug> Remove named_var_lib_t reference
#431654 Allow sysadm to manage asterisk service
#431654 Support postgresql (named init for sysadmin, /run/postgresql)
<no bug> Remove duplicate file context in java module
<no bug> Remove ~/.config/chromium context within mozilla
<no bug> Allow initrc_t to also setattr on the /run dirs he creates

Give it a go, all feedback appreciated. And if I don't reply on IRC quickly,
open a bugreport for it. It's also a better way to track changes and allows
me to properly bring fixes upstream as well.

Sven Vermeulen

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