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Karl-Johan Karlsson 08-20-2012 03:16 PM

PaX kills Tor due to overflow
My Tor node gets killed once every day or two with the following message in

PAX: size overflow detected in function tcp_recvmsg net/ipv4/tcp.c:1696
Pid: 28327, comm: tor Not tainted 3.4.4-hardened-r1 #1
Call Trace:
[<ffffffff8112813b>] report_size_overflow+0x34/0x3e
[<ffffffff8154b573>] tcp_recvmsg+0x5fa/0x8ca
[<ffffffff81567bde>] inet_recvmsg+0x69/0x83
[<ffffffff814f6ca3>] sock_aio_read.part.21+0x104/0x11c
[<ffffffff814f6d01>] sock_aio_read+0x46/0x51
[<ffffffff8112072a>] do_sync_read+0xda/0x122
[<ffffffff81036b68>] ? __switch_to+0x1af/0x382
[<ffffffff81092835>] ? finish_task_switch+0xb6/0xc5
[<ffffffff811210ec>] vfs_read+0x140/0x1a5
[<ffffffff8112143b>] sys_read+0x50/0x78
[<ffffffff81610a5c>] system_call_fastpath+0x1c/0x21

Is there a way to figure out where Tor goes wrong and provokes this error? No
core dump is produced, and not even running Tor under GDB helps - execution
ends with:

Program terminated with signal SIGKILL, Killed.
The program no longer exists.

Karl-Johan Karlsson

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