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Sven Vermeulen 11-27-2011 05:59 PM

SELinux base policy rev 7 in hardened-dev
The SELinux base policy revision 7 has been pushed to the hardened-dev
overlay. Base policy r5 has been stabilized in the tree.

Changes in rev 7 are:
- #391913 (Support LDAP backend for DHCPd, thanks to Stan Sander)
- #391909 (Allow (x)inetd to bind to POP port, thanks to Stan Sander)
- <no bug> Drop vde_conf_t type for the VDE module, etc_t is sufficient
- <no bug> Update links_t domain with upstream feedback
- <no bug> Udev tempnode, when used for fisk devices, should be of type fixed_disk_device_t
- <no bug> Mark wpa_cli as an interactive application

Sven Vermeulen

Sven Vermeulen 04-11-2012 05:46 PM

SELinux base policy rev 7 in hardened-dev
Hi guys,

I just pushed selinux-base* revision 7 to the hardened-development overlay.
It contains only a few changes, namely:

#401595 Mark .pwd.lock as etc_t
#411193 Support init scripts working with cgroups (manage cgroup_t)
#403293 Support SELinux-aware cronie and have it create cronjob_t keys

Still, since rev 6 is two weeks ago and the init script stuff might be a bit
too blocking for some, and it's raining here, it's a good time to push this

Sven Vermeulen

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