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Sven Vermeulen 05-24-2011 08:55 PM

Project page changes, roadmap and support matrix
Hi all,

I have taken the liberty to update the SELinux subproject page a bit
(see [1], nothing major there). During the page review I thought about
adding the roadmap information on the SELinux subproject on the page.
However, Gentoo Hardened already has a roadmap page, so I looked at that
one, but have a few remarks:
- many subprojects' roadmap information isn't really "benchmarkable" or
however you'd like to put it. It is quite vague
- some roadmap entries are not assigned, but also do not have an affiliated
bug report
- some subprojects do not mention the strategic direction they want to take
- the page isn't very pleasing to read (and difficult to navigate by end

So I tried to rewrite the roadmap, without actually removing anything (so
some of the remarks remain). The first try-out here is available at [2]. As
you can notice, the document is structured as follows
1. Vision = what is Gentoo Hardened all about
2. Strategy = how do we see our evolution to implement our vision
3. Goals and Milestones (Per Project)
a. Short information on the current state
b. Goals & Milestones for the project

The goals and milestones are described as
- a generic description what we want to do / achieve
- an estimated time to complete this goal / achieve the milestone
- state of the milestone (with colors - yay!)
- coordinators
- related bugs

I think that it would be interesting to have all this information available
per goal / milestone (except for unassigned milestones, they probably do not
have a coordinator yet). It forces the subproject's roadmaps to be clear and

I understand that we're a volunteer-driven distribution, so the ETA is
something that is moving, but perhaps we can update this roadmap document
before each IRC meeting (or after) so that it is up to date for our users?

But I'm not finished yet - oh no. While I read through the existing roadmap
document, I noticed that some subprojects had their architecture support
mentioned as some sort of milestone. Why not create a support matrix
document instead? Such a document can then be used by end users to see if
their platform is supported or not (or support is on the way) for each

As we are providing (part of) a distribution, I think many users are
interested in this. I tried making one [3] which shows the support matrices
for the Hardened Toolchain, grSecurity (although I have no idea what the
supported platforms are here) and SELinux. Of course, others can be added,
but those were the main ones that I found roadmap information on in the
first place.

So, what do you think? Is this separation of roadmap vs support matrix a
good idea? Is the name of the page (support-state.xml) valid or do you have
suggestions otherwise?

Also, I noticed that some documents talk about our project as "Gentoo
Hardened", others as "Hardened Gentoo". What is the title we give ourselves?
I always thought "Gentoo Hardened" is the correct one. "Hardened Gentoo" is
the result of applying the projects in "Gentoo Hardened" imo.

Sven Vermeulen


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