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"Alexey Shvetsov" 02-17-2008 03:19 PM running Gentoo linux on arm handhelds

I would like to attract your attention to results of our work on project
which aims to run Gentoo linux on hx4700 and some other pda's (zaurus
for example). Now we have working stages which are available at These stages are built using
armv5te-softfloat-linux-eabi toolchain (gcc-4.2.2, glibc-2.7,
binutils-2.18). Note, that already over year we are using eabi toolchain
which allows additional memory and performance benefit. As a kernel we
used hh-sources-2.6.21 (mainly based on cvs with
additional patches for cfs-v24 (completely fair scheduler) and some

Since I have only hx4700 pda then all packages were built/rebuilt on it.
Avoidance of cross-compiler greatly simplifies building. :)

We have working X:

There are two variants of X implemented on pda:
1. Xorg server and evtouche driver for touchscreen
2. Xfbdev or Xw100 server + tslib

hx4700 has no hardware keyboard so we use screen one and (wow!) we have
handwriting recognition system with keyboard (cellwriter).

All our ebuilds are available in pda overlay (layman -a pda)
all binary packages available via and

Additional info available on

Questions, comments are more then welcome.
Gentoo GNU/Linux 2.6.24 Dual Xeon

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