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Peter Stuge 12-24-2010 06:23 AM

facilities for creating /proc /dev /sys directories?
Kfir Lavi wrote:
> I would like to create those directories when the target system
> finished the emerge.
> The easiest is to do:
> mkdir -p $target_dir/{proc,dev,sys}
> inside a script.
> Is there any mechanism that I can use to automate this without
> running my own script?

Not really.. With catalyst there are lots of hooks, but if using only
emerge itself you will need to add that command somewhere.

But, since you will need to add that command to a file somewhere
anyway, why not add it to a script that you use to call emerge?

The other thing you could do is to create an ebuild that contains
those directories, and maybe that ebuild could also be used to list
each and every package that you wish to install (without
dependencies, but maybe with USE flags where significant) as an easy
way to have a single command to create the full system.

I would like to play with that myself a bit actually.


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