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Ed W 10-20-2010 06:05 PM

Heads up. Uclibc NPTL works! (at least on x86)
Just a quick heads up, but uClibc master has NPTL support for some
architectures in it. I just pulled git and gave it a quick test on x86
and it's by far the best uClibc yet! Very solid and apparently best
support yet for hardened (my pax 2.2 issues melted away)

The uclibc profile currently hard masks the nptl USE flag, so you need
to remove that to build a GCC with nptl support and from there a uclibc
with nptl. (I'm not actually sure what is the syntax to unmask a masked
use flag in a profile? Any suggestions?)

I created a temporary ebuild by bumping the current ebuild, removing the
patch variables and setting the source URI to some specific commit
download (git will generate a tarball for you of a specific commit, so
you just point at that)

Apart from fixing gcc, switching my buildroot to uclibc + nptl was
mostly painless.

Ed W

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