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wireless 02-24-2009 06:04 AM

Beagle, again.
Dave N6NZ wrote:
> A quick search of the archives shows that a few weeks ago there was a
> question about the state of the tool chain w.r.t. being ready for the TI
> Beagle Board, but no definitive answer. I couldn't find any more recent
> information. Is the current ARM Cortex support sufficient? Or is
> embedded Gentoo not ready to be played with on a Beagle?

Here a pretty cool looking Arm Cortex dev kit, which
run Ubuntu:


Dave N6NZ 02-24-2009 04:02 PM

Beagle, again.
Ned Ludd wrote:
>> Or is

embedded Gentoo not ready to be played with on a Beagle?

> If so, are the cortex-8 (aka NEON) kernel / toolchain patches yet
> incorporated into the portage tree? The C64x DSP ?


I have cross compiled 621 packages for the beagle
cd .. ; for the binary pkgs if you want those.

It all works fine using the following toolchain combo and



Thanks! I'll check that out. I notice "softfloat"... so does that mean
there is no support yet for the hardware floating point?


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