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Abdolmohaimen Siddig 02-11-2009 08:11 AM

shared library
it seems that certain library are not implemented in the Uclibc because I've built a uclibc build environment and certain services like dhcp need libraries like libnss_dns and this library can not be loaded because it doesn't exist so can any body tell me what to do ? the steps that I've done are listed bellow:

1-* mkdir -p /root/uclibc/build
2-* cd /root/uclibc/build
3-* tar -jxvfp /path/to/stage3....tar.bz2*** // ( uclibc stage3 )
4-* cp -L /etc/resolv.conf /root/uclibc/build/etc

5-* mkdir -p usr/portage
6- * mount --bind /usr/portage ** /root/uclibc/build/usr/portage
7-** mount –bind /dev /root/uclibc/build/dev
8-* mount -t proc proc /root/uclibc/build/proc
9-** chroot /root/uclibc/build /bin/bash

10- * env-update && source /etc/profile
11-* in the make.conf I added the following variables
FEATURES="ccache buildpkg"

* ln -snf /usr/portage/profiles/uclibc/x86** /etc/make.profile

12- * emerge -av ccache
13- * emerge -uavDN world
14-*** emerge -C mktemp
15- * cp /etc/skel/.bash_profile /etc/skel/.bashrc /root

The above steps were done for preparing the uclibc build environment knowing that the stage I have used was uclibc stage3
I have unmasked some packages that will be used in building my system (
tinygentoo) that will be installed in a compact flash

the steps then are as follows:
1- * mkdir /tinygentoo
2- ROOT=/tinygentoo USE=symlink emerge -avk =sys-apps/baselayout-2.0.0 uclibc busybox

i did all the required symbolic links to busybox and all preparations
including the proc and /etc/fstab and then compiled the kernel and made
the initramfs , the system in the compact flash work successfully and
then I have added many packages like iptables, python and twisted web
server and all have worked successfully. the problem arises when i
installed dhcp, it can not work neither in the build environment nor in
the tinygentoo knowing that my USE flag when I merged uclibc was (
USE="minimal -build -debug -hardened (-iconv) -ipv6 (-nls) -pregen
-saveconfig -uclibc-compat -userlocales -wordexp )

Thanks very much for reading and replying
Abdolmohaimen Alsiddig Ahmed
Nile Center for Technology Researches

Mike Frysinger 02-11-2009 05:49 PM

shared library
you already have one thread going, please do not start another

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