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Jose Luis Rivero 04-26-2008 07:18 PM

Improving organization during beta release
Hi *:

I want to send this mail to make us think a little in how we are
handling the documentation during the beta releases. The documentation
itself it's perfect (great job Josh), but there are a couple of points
which I think are confusing the users about what documents
they should use.

1. Currently, there are no official maintained handbooks. We have the
networking handbooks (/doc/*/handbook/handbook-*) marked as draft and
the networkless docs which refers to latest stable release (2007.0)
marked as unmaintained.

2. There are no docs covering a networking installation for the latest
stable release. Users who don't want to use the beta can't find the
docs to make a network based installation since they were overwriting
by 2008.0 (which is still a beta).

One idea for next time could be keeping current and networkless
handbooks maintained until the release reaches an stable status and
develop the new docs in /doc/*/handbook/beta/ and /doc/*/handbook/200X.Y/.

Comments, thoughts, flames, are all welcome.

P.D: Excuse me if I'm missing something and the points exposed here are
completely wrong.

Jose Luis Rivero <>
Gentoo/Doc Gentoo/Alpha

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