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Rafał 08-24-2010 05:46 AM

Odp: Installation handbook improvements
You should send this message to general list. Your idea is great.

My reguards

Dnia 23-08-2010 o godz. 17:42 Maciej Grela napisał(a):
> Hi,
> I've been recently trying to install Gentoo on a new machine and
> noticed, that the x86/amd64
> Installation Handbook could use a few updates to better reflect the
> reality of today`s Linux.
> I`d like to add the following things (most important first):
> 1. Replace the 'fdisk' with 'parted' in the partitioning section.
> 'cfdisk' could be also mentioned.
> A notice about MSDOS and GPT disk labels could be added to help people
> with large disk drives
> which cannot be partitioned in the legacy way.
> 2. Write about configuring wpa_supplicant for basic PSK in the
> "Preparing for Wireless Access"
> section. No one uses WEP anymore.
> 3. Add ext4 to the list of supported filesystems.
> 4. In the "8.a. Filesystem Information" describe the ability to define
> block devices using
> UUID="" and LABEL="", this approach is much better than hardcoding
> device names.
> 5. Remove the chapter dealing with LILO. I don't think anyone uses
> that bootloader anymore.
> What do you think about these proposals ? Also, will posting bugs for
> every change with
> guidexml patches attached be the proper way to handle this ?
> Best regards,
> Maciej Grela

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