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Pacho Ramos 09-22-2012 07:41 PM

Suggest to specify a way to query for USEs in next council

This comes from:

In that one, we try to use the following:
has vala ${IUSE//+/} && ! use vala && return 0

as already done in many eclasses/ebuilds (some of them as widely used as
xorg-2 or cmake eclasses) for years. The problem is that Ciaran
wants to forbid it because he says it's not specified in PMS.

My suggestion is to simply specify it as it's currently implemented in
portage because that functionality is (apart of needed) being used for a
long time in the tree by numerous eclasses/ebuilds, then, from my point
of view, wouldn't be any sense on lose time for moving them to current
functionality to a worse one, wait for the next eapi and, finally,
revert them back to current behavior. The way it works was kindly
explained to me yesterday by Zac:

If the behavior need to be changed later in a way it would break the
tree, we could, then, wait for next eapi to change that behavior.

Other option would be to wait for next eapi to specify that, the problem
is that, if that eapi take a long time to be approved, we would need to
move all eclasses/ebuilds to the other non-automatic way to later revert
them back.

And other option could be to include this specification in eapi5 as it's
still not allowed in the tree (maybe for this a council meeting should
be soon enough I guess)

Thanks a lot

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