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Future Trends

I have been considering the current push to replace
init with systemd for all Linux systems.

systemd has been adopted by Fedora and openSuSE
as the default init system - and to ensure it becomes
the de facto standard, SysVInit has been deprecated
to the extent it is now virtually unsupported by those

To reinforce the necessity to convert to systemd
udev source is now being offered as part of a package
together with systemd source.

Meanwhile, consolekit has disappeared to be replaced
by systemd-loginctl.

KDE build flags on Gentoo have traditionally been:
consolekit udev policykit dbus

As we all know d-bus provides userspace with a
message bus system. This is not far removed from
systemd in that systemd seeks to manage sockets
and launch processes based on events
communicated through the messaging system.
udev creates devices on-the-fly and communicates
these events using the message bus.

Consequently I predicted that the necessity to
bulld systemd together with udev will, in the next
six months, become a necessity to build
systemd, udev and d-bus as ONE ENTITY.

At that point, systemd's coup-de-grace will be
complete and to build KDE you will have to
accept systemd as your default init system.

In fact, to build virtually any Desktop machine you
will have to accept systemd as your init system.



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