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Peter Stuge 08-07-2012 02:55 PM

Gentoo vs. upstream
Rich Freeman wrote:
> I suspect upstream would say that if you want a smooth desktop
> experience you shouldn't be running Gentoo. To some degree they
> probably even have a valid point.

Yes and no.. I think it will always be possible to use Gentoo to
create as smooth a desktop experience as any distro provides, but
it will certainly require knowing every single detail of what makes
that desktop experience possible.

> Gentoo is about more than a just-works desktop

Yes! <3

> so I think the best we'll be able to offer is a "reasonable"
> experience.

One doesn't have to exclude the other, but users will have to know
how things work, in order to use Gentoo to get things the way they
want them. Just like it has always been.

> If things get really integrated you might see some Sabayon-like
> forks favoring particular DEs/etc, and as long as those forks
> contribute to our main tree I think that is good for all of us.

I agree completely!


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